John McDonald

The Canadian Christian Minister’s Federation was founded in the year 2005. Rev. Dr. John McDonald who has a great heart for helping ministers in ministry, first approached Dr. Ron Morin and Dr. Bryan Vaughan with the vision. When they heard it, they immediately knew that such an organization would be pleasing to God. They came together and formed what was known as The Canadian Association of Ministries and Pastors (CAMP). This later became The Canadian Minister’s Federation (CCMF).

Rev. David Ramiah and Rev. Dr. Michael Taylor were later consecutively asked to become part of the Board of Directors, to help lead this wonderful ministry.

Over the past years CCMF has grown much, and we could write books on how we have seen the hand of GOD at work in our membership and the ministries in which they have been called to.

Rev. Dr. Ron Morin retired in the year 2013 and got busy founding “Gilgal Christian Community.”

Rev. Dr. John McDonald retired and resigned from The Canadian Christian Ministers Federation’s leadership in 2019, but he is still a member of CCMF. He has not retired from ministry as he is still very active in the Kingdom along with his wife, Lorna. The two of them are busy with mentoring young Evangelists, preaching the gospel wherever and whenever the opportunity is presented, and teaching Bible courses.

We want to thank Dr. John and Dr. Ron for all their work in helping to establish The Canadian Minister’s Federation.